The Institute imparts quality education in the field of Pharmaceutical sciences to generate competent, committed, disciplined human resource with high ethical values to meet the National and Global challenges in the field of Pharmaceutical care and industry.

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The Institute follows the cardinal principles of the Pharmacy Council of India/UGC/AICTE in offering quality education. The role model pharmacy curriculum, designed in close academic collaboration with the global pharmaceutical manufacturing units, and the health care sectors, is fortified by integrating the core components of pharmacy practice and the dynamic needs of the present day pharmaceutical industry. A modern pilot plant, sophisticated Drug Testing Laboratory, Drug Information Center, provides hands on skills in allied areas to pharmacy and healthcare. The Institute is offering a 4 year B.Pharmacy programme from the academic session 2006, 2 year M.Pharmacy programme in the specializations of Pharmaceutics, Pharmaceutical Analysis & Quality Assurance, Pharmacology and Pharmaceutical Chemistry from 2010 and Ph.D. programme from 2011.

Faculty Expertise
Name of the FacultyAreas of expertiseConsultancy Available
Prof. L. SrinivasFormulation and evaluation of novel drug delivery systems.Formulation and evaluation of liposomal buccal drug delivery systems of some biomolecules for improving their biopharmaceutical properties
 Nano particle Drug Delivery SystemsDevelopment of Liposome formulations for some NSAIDS, Antifungal & Anticancer molecules.
Studies on Natural gums as pharmaceutical excipients.
Dr. G. V. RadhaDesign of Novel Drug Delivery SystemsDevelopment and Evaluation of Liposome & Proniosome formulations Development of Transdermal formulations by using new polymers.
Mr. Suvendu Kumar SahooFormulation DevelopmentDesign and evaluation of oral fixed dose formulations with improved functionality
Mr. Rabinarayan ParhiDesign, Development of Topical and Transdermal formulations(i) Design of experiments using Response Surface Methodology (Design Expert software)
(ii) Development of Topical and Transdermal formulations such as Gels (Hydrogel, Thermal gel, Lecithin organogel, PLO, Transdermal Film)
(iii) Evaluation of above formulations (e.g. Diffusion study through artificial membrane, Permeation study across various skin sample using 6-station diffusion cell)
Dr. Annamma Devi GSNDDS, Solubility, Dissolution and Bioavailability Enhancement StudiesFormulation and Development of Gastro Retentive Drug Delivery Systems and Colon Targeted Drug Delivery System
Dr. R.Santosh KumarOptimization of Formulations through Statistical DesignsOptimization of Fast Dissolving Drug Delivery Systems using Statistical Designs.
K. Guna RanjanPharmaceutical BiotechnologyMicrobial limit test, Sterility testing, Bacterial endotoxin test, Microbial assays
Faculty Expertise
Name of the FacultyAreas of expertiseConsultancy Available
Prof. S. GanapatyIsolation, characterization and screening of bioactive molecules from natural sources and bring new drug entities (Tropical & Marine).Extended consultancy services to Herbal drug industries.
Dr. S. RajaResource Faculty for NGO'S and other Self Help Groups by counselling and giving information on medicinal plants cultivation, collection, processing to get additional revenue.
Dr. Sumanta MondalEducating tribal populations and bring them awareness about Medicinal plants and their uses.
Dr. Mrs. K.SunithaIsolation, characterization of therapeutic molecules from biological sources and identifying them by spectroscopic techniques.
Invitro and invivo Experimental screening for various biological activities.
Standardization and Evaluation of Ayurvedic Formulations
Mr.Naresh PanigrahiDrug design and synthesis of different heterocyclic ring systems.Synthesis, purification and characterization of therapeutic molecules
Mrs.  C. Asha Deepthi
Faculty Expertise
Name of the FacultyAreas of expertiseConsultancy Available
Dr. MM. AnnapurnaAnalytical method development and validation by using HPLC & UV SpectrophotometerDevelopment and validation of HPLC methods for assay, stability studies and impurity profiles of drugs and pharmaceutical intermediates
Mrs. G.SowjanyaEstimation & Analysis of single and multi component pharmaceutical formulations
Faculty Expertise
Name of the FacultyAreas of expertiseConsultancy Available
Dr.CH. N. KavithaPharmacological screening of Herbal and Synthetic DrugsPharmacological and Biological screening of Herbal and Synthetic Drugs (Anti stress activity, Anti tumor activity,  Cardiprotective activity, Rheumatoid arthritis, Anti cataract activity,  Cerebral/cardiac ischemia reperfusion injury, Antidiabetic activity and Anti Cancer activity)
Ms. G. Suhasin
Dr. O. Prabhakar