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GITAM Institute of Pharmacy , an elite institution with the state-of-the-art infrastructural facilities, modern laboratories and student support services coupled with dedicated and experienced faculty is established with the main objective of providing high quality value based education with unwavering commitment to generate competent Pharmaceutical Technocrats as men of high character, probity and honour, whose conduct through life will show, they bear the hall-mark of GITAM University, to underscore the importance of the holistic philosophy that, “A commitment to the practice and profession of Pharmacy with ethical values in its highest form is a lifelong commitment to humanity by the Pharmacy professional. “

With this backdrop in mind, the basic mission of providing pharmaceutical education by the Institute is aimed to create industry & healthcare friendly inputs through latest technical skills, pre and para-clinical skills apart from allied core concepts, basic and interdisciplinary wisdom with IT knowledge to fit into present global scenario. The Institute's instructional program provides a broader knowledge of the theoretical as well as practical concepts with continuous updates & inspired delivery of contents with desired emphasis on beyond the class room sessions.

The Institute offers a four year B. Pharm and two year M.Pharm programmes in the branches of Pharmaceutics, Pharmaceutical Analysis & Quality Assurance, Pharmacology and Pharmaceutical Chemistry apart from Ph.D., in the faculty of Pharmacy in the disciplines of Pharmaceutics, Pharmaceutical Analysis & Quality Assurance, Pharmacology and Pharmaceutical Chemistry.

In the light of the major concerns generally expressed by Pharma industry that there is a wide gap between the theoretical knowledge imparted to the graduates at the Institutions during the B. Pharm / M. Pharm curriculum and the actual needs of the industry in its application component with hardly any current subjects of industrial significance, the institute has designed the UG & PG curriculum with inputs from Pharma industry and regular feedback from all concerned to make it a role model market driven curriculum of industrial significance.

In the context of emerging trends in core and allied sectors of interdisciplinary nature, the B.Pharm curriculum is fortified with IT based knowledge such as Web Programming, Programming in C, Programming in C++, PHP and My SQL, coupled with latest subjects of current industrial interest such as Drug Regulatory Affairs & Intellectual Property Rights, GMP, Quality Assurance & Validation, Novel Drug Delivery Systems, Labelling & Packaging of drugs, Bioinformatics, Biostatistics, Pharmacy Practice, Pre clinical and Clinical Studies, Pharmacotherapeutics , Pharmaceutical Biotechnology and basic chemistry of bulk drugs with special emphasis on key areas such as Pharmaceutical Technology (related to Formulation Industry), Pharmaceutical Chemistry (related to Bulk Drug Industry), Pharmaceutical Analysis, Pharmacology & therapeutics etc ,with improved employment potential of GITAM Pharma graduates in Pharma Industry, Health Care Sector & all Interdisciplinary sectors, are incorporated in the syllabus of B. Pharm of GITAM University which is unique of its kind which enriches the techno-professional skills to handle the diversified needs of the pharma industry , healthcare sector and all allied sectors.

Similarly, at the PG level, latest concepts of current industrial significance such as Drug Regulatory Affairs & IPR, Process validation in Pharmaceutical Industry ,Risk Management in Pharmaceutical Industry ,Logistics and Supply Chain Management in Pharmaceutical Industry ,Talent Management in Pharmaceutical Industry, Research Methodology and Statistical Methods, Advanced Instrumental Methods of Analysis, Pre clinical and Clinical studies, are incorporated as special features in all four specialisations of Pharmaceutics, Pharmaceutical Analysis & Quality Assurance, Pharmacology and Pharmaceutical Chemistry in the M.Pharm curriculum .

The skills and expertise imparted by the Institute enrich the students and help moulding them into creative, innovative and intellectually vibrant pharmaceutical technocrats of the future with inbuilt emphasis on character building. Further, the Institute focuses on research and development in developing the formulations imparting effective patient-care services, etc., to meet the national and global challenges in the dynamic fields of pharmaceutical industry and health care.

The Institute’s core strengths of academic rigor, focus on teaching-learning pedagogy, handpicking of teaching talents in various specializations and involvement of industrial and academic experts in teaching, close coordination with leading Pharm industry, holistic academic culture, individual care to students through mentor- mentee monitoring system, world-class academic ambience, campus facilities, and commitment for quality education have been endorsed by professionals and academicians across the globe and has attracted the attention of aspiring students across the country to nurture and shape their careers in pharmacy at GITAM University as a most preferred destination for pharmacy education.